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Maths Bingo is a great starter, ender, in-betweener…

This bingo lets you use it over and over, each time you load a game the questions are randomly generated.

Here's how to use this in your classroom.


  1. The easiest way is to have students draw a three-by-three grid as the first step. Alternatively, download and photocopy this PDF of 8 grids.
  2. Students fill their grid with 9 of the 16 answers shown on the screen.
  3. Start the game, showing one question at a time. Students mark off their grid if they have the answer.
  4. If a students calls "bingo", the teacher can check pressing the "Check so far" button (the questions+answers shown so far can be hidden).

Help  Instructions for Teachers
Tip: Use the Page Down key or a PowerPoint remote to move through questions and answers.