Number of the Day


Set the the range for today's number:

Today's number is

Complete the tens frames for today's number.

Write the number before and number after.

Number before
Today's number
Number after

Use +/- to add tally marks

Mark today's number on the hundreds chart

Use base ten blocks to make today's number.

Complete the place value chart

Tens Ones

Write the numbers ten more and ten less.

Ten less
Today's number
Ten more

Write the number as a word or words.

  1. Tens frames
  2. Number before, number after
  3. Tally marks
  4. Hundreds chart
  5. Base ten blocks
  6. Place value chart
  7. Ten more, ten less
  8. Number in word(s)

start again

Teacher notes

To set the number, put the number at the end of the URL, for example

To set the range, put the minimum and maximum at the end of the URL, for example will set a range of 23 to 43.

The questions in this activity align to MA1-4NA Whole Numbers (Stage 1), specifically Whole Numbers 1. Feedback is welcomed.

19 April 2020 - version 2: Added - ten more, ten less. Added number in word(s). Fixed hundreds chart on iPad. Other minor improvements.